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Min Sun Kim, MBA

Executive Director

Min Sun Kim, MBA, Executive Director

As Executive Director of the Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership at Rollins College, Min Sun Kim seeks to reimagine nonprofit impact through inspiring educational experiences. She is dedicated to fostering a stronger nonprofit sector through innovative strategies, collaborative initiatives, and the leveraging of technology to enhance learning. Min takes pride in her alma mater, the University of Central Florida, and furthered her education by earning an MBA from the esteemed Crummer Graduate School of Business.

Min is a catalyst for collaboration, leading groundbreaking initiatives such as Empowering Good—a collaborative effort, partnering the Edyth Bush Institute with the Crummer Graduate School of Business and Orange County, Florida Government to address the pressing need for local nonprofit capacity building. Her leadership exemplifies the transformative power of bridging diverse perspectives, harnessing innovation to address complex challenges, and honoring the past while keeping your eyes open to what could be.

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