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What is Nonprofit Impact?

What is nonprofit impact?

In February 2024, Min Sun Kim, Executive Director of the Edyth Bush Institute, presented our updated vision, mission, and strategic priorities. The vision to reimagine nonprofit impact is “one that is deeper and richer than we think […] we believe that when nonprofit impact is reimagined, it can attract the most talented individuals, encourage big bets to solve our society’s greatest challenges, and lead to thriving communities.”

Aligning with EBI’s strategic priorities, the roadmap includes “establish the definition of nonprofit impact on its community.”

Here are two perspectives shared from EBI members...

Heather Alexander, Executive DirectorThe Winter Park Play House: "For us there are really two impact gauges: One is measurable outcomes like sales, attendance and our economic impact on the city/county/state. The other is community engagement/quality of life/health & wellness impact- how we bring people together, uplift them and bring them joy through our year-round professional musical theatre programs."

Judith Smelser, President & General ManagerWMFE Public Media: "Internally, we measure impact through data, analysis, measurable outcomes, and stakeholder feedback. We track a multitude of metrics, from digital and broadcast audience to interview source demographics to event attendance and more.

But the numbers only tell part of the story. The true question of impact lies in the “so what.” What real, tangible difference does our journalism make for our community and its residents? This type of impact is much more difficult to measure, but there are substantiated facts to be gleaned from the research and from the lessons of history."

Let's face it - your impact matters and goes beyond the data that can be measured.

What do you think? How do nonprofits impact the community? How does your nonprofit impact the community? Email us your thoughts!

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